Welcome to PropSkope

We are working to improve the ways that rental properties are managed to create a better experience for property owners and renters.

PropSkope will focus on these key items to make the experience of property rental better for landlords and tenants.

  • Video property walkthroughs – stored with rental record
  • Property condition visibility and awareness – throughout and before end of lease
  • Rating of tenants based upon property conditions
  • Rewarding tenants who do not damage property with a higher rating
  • Property damage prevention‎ and resolution
  • Property valuation and evaluation
  • Visual rental history documentation
  • Enabling clear, documented and unbiased reference for potential landlords
  • Matching tenants to landlords and properties based upon rental history
  • Tenant management
  • Tenant and landlord communication
  • Easy access to all information via the PropSkope app

Check back soon to learn more.